You are given a tree with N nodes. The tree’s nodes are numbered 1 through N and its edges are numbered 1 through N − 1. Each edge is associated with a weight. Then you are to execute a series of instructions on the tree. The instructions can be one of the following forms:

CHANGE i v Change the weight of the ith edge to v
NEGATE a b Negate the weight of every edge on the path from a to b
QUERY a b Find the maximum weight of edges on the path from a to b


The input contains multiple test cases. The first line of input contains an integer t (t ≤ 20), the number of test cases. Then follow the test cases.

Each test case is preceded by an empty line. The first nonempty line of its contains N (N ≤ 10,000). The next N − 1 lines each contains three integers a, band c, describing an edge connecting nodes a and b with weight c. The edges are numbered in the order they appear in the input. Below them are the instructions, each sticking to the specification above. A lines with the word “DONE” ends the test case.


For each “QUERY” instruction, output the result on a separate line.

Sample Input

Sample Output



negate是mx=-mn mn=-mx