「BZOJ1674」[Usaco2005] Part Acquisition



The cows have been sent on a mission through space to acquire a new milking machine for their barn. They are flying through a cluster of stars containing N (1 <= N <= 50,000) planets, each with a trading post. The cows have determined which of K (1 <= K <= 1,000) types of objects (numbered 1..K) each planet in the cluster desires, and which products they have to trade. No planet has developed currency, so they work under the barter system: all trades consist of each party trading exactly one object (presumably of different types). The cows start from Earth with a canister of high quality hay (item 1), and they desire a new milking machine (item K). Help them find the best way to make a series of trades at the planets in the cluster to get item K. If this task is impossible, output -1.


* Line 1: Two space-separated integers, N and K. * Lines 2..N+1: Line i+1 contains two space-separated integers, a_i and b_i respectively, that are planet i’s trading trading products. The planet will give item b_i in order to receive item a_i.


* Line 1: One more than the minimum number of trades to get the milking machine which is item K (or -1 if the cows cannot obtain item K).

Sample Input

6 5 //6个星球,希望得到5,开始时你手中有1号货物.
1 3 //1号星球,希望得到1号货物,将给你3号货物
3 2
2 3
3 1
2 5
5 4

Sample Output

The cows possess 4 objects in total: first they trade object 1 for
object 3, then object 3 for object 2, then object 2 for object 5.


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